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Conservatives boosted by leader’s popularity

The Conservatives continue to make gains in the polls at the expense of their Liberal (V) allies. In the latest Kantar Gallup poll, 9.1% of respondents said they would vote Conservative if an…


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Christiania: Where dealers defy police

In a lengthy article the New York Times reports on the ‘stand-off’ between police and drug dealers in the ‘free state’ of Christiania. From the New York Times: When a phalanx of Danish…


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Danish Muslims reject reformation

Does Islam need modernising in line with Martin Luther’s Christian reformation of the 1500s? No, according to a majority of Danish Muslims –  in a new Wilke poll for Jyllands-Posten, 52.4 per cent…


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In negative yield land – Denmark

Blog by Marcelo Ballvé Denmark has 2.24 pigs for every person, more than anywhere else in the world (in fact it’s the only country where pigs outnumber people). It is also famous for…


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Change – but no change

Extended remarksof 7.59 editor Howard Knowles at the 7th of September election briefing When this election was announced there was speculation about a ground breaking election – a shift from ten years of…


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“I’m always struck by the rather schizophrenic approach to the rest of the world in the Nordic countries”

To read Jon Worth’s  blog about the rise of the right in Denmark and Sweden:


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So what’s the deal with efterløn?

Editor’s blog, 5.1.11 If you’ve just arrived back in Denmark from a trip abroad for Christmas the one issue dominating the headlines could appear somewhat trivial. Floods in Australia, earthquake in Chile, bombs…


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Beware of Denmark’s Palin

Editor’s blog 15,12,10 I was at a Christmas dinner party the other night when the name of Sarah Palin wafted across the table. To most Copenhageners this woman is about appealing as a…


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Immigration: The wrong message to the wrong people

Mike Young,  Editor of  the Copenhagen University  Post, argues that the new immigration restrictions are immoral and irrational – and could ultimately leave Denmark alone in the dark  IT IS A MANTRA repeated…


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Lame duck Løkke

Editor’s Blog, 2.12.10 7.59 – Danish News Today was launched ten days ago on November 22nd and the response has been overwhelmingly positive (then again, ambassadors and embassy staff are by nature very…


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