The Week That Was, June 10th – June 16th 2024:

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The government announced plans for ‘significant tax cuts including DKK800m in tax relief aimed primarily at the business sector as part of an overall DKK1.2bn ‘entrepreneurial strategy’.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen admitted she hasn’t fully recovered after being assaulted last week but is back at work and ‘fulfilling her duties’.

Ex-Liberal (Venstre) leader Jakob Ellemann-Jensen was appointed chair of a fund-raising committee for Ukraine with the aim of collecting money for weapons.

Inflation is slowly ticking up again after falling consistently since the record-high of 2023 - the consumer price index rose 2.2 percent year-over-year in May, faster than the 0.8 percent increase in April.

Manufacturing output bounced back in April, expanding 11.3% month on month.

The National Bank lowered its benchmark interest rate by 0.25%, to 3.35%, mirroring the European Central Bank (ECB).

EU/Foreign Affairs:

The Green Left emerged as Denmark’s big winner in Sunday’s EU election with 17.4% of the vote and three seats - the socialist party will now have three of Denmark’s 15 seats in the next EU Parliament, the same as the Social Democrats who slipped by 6 percentage points to 15.6%, the party’s worst ever showing in any election, EU or general, since 1901.

Moderates leader Lars Løkke Rasmussen cast doubts on the 'government's project’ following the EU election - the former prime minister said the ‘grand coalition’ of the Social Democrats, Liberals, and Moderates probably needs a re-boot as the Green Left will now pull the Social Democrats in a more ‘red direction’.

The Foreign Ministry in Moscow warned that all Russian residents in this country are under threat of being arrested after a Russian woman was arrested by Danish Intelligence (PET) agents regarding a possible violation of the penal code relating to foreign influence.

Denmark joined an agreement to deliver 100 patriot missiles to Ukraine alongside Germany, the Netherlands, and Norway.

Denmark and Germany signed a declaration of intent to strengthen defence cooperation, focusing on supporting Ukraine and addressing threats in the Baltic Sea region - Denmark was one of fifteen countries that participated in two international police operations this week targeting online terrorist propaganda.

Left-wing daily Information reported that Global Positioning System (GPS) signals over the  Danish island of Bornholm suffered two massive disruptions in May, the sign of an intensified Russian hybrid war in the Baltic region.

The Danish F-16 fighter jets promised to Ukraine last summer but still waiting to be delivered could possibly be stationed at air force bases outside the war-torn country.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen appears to be out of the running for a top EU job - Politico reported that ‘an unusually early consensus appears to be emerging around the preferred names to sit at the EU’s top table’ and they don’t include the Danish PM.

The latest Eurostat figures showed that, overall, products in this country are 47.1% higher than the EU average but at the same time Danish consumers remain optimistic despite having to pay more than DKK50 for a cup of coffee most places in Copenhagen – the highest in the EU.

A Danish national suspected of being part of a DKK634m ($91m) VAT fraud was arrested in Kenya.

Social Affairs:

Social Affairs Minister Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil set up an inquiry into marriages between non-western adult males and underage girls and the continuing problem of forced marriages.

Speaker of the House Søren Gade confirmed the rainbow flag will be flown over Parliament during Copenhagen Pride week in August despite recent controversies surrounding the LGBTQ+ organisation.


Global pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is close to surpassing giant LEGO as Denmark’s most valuable brand.

The authorities banned  three types of spicy instant noodle products imported from South Korea over possible risks of ‘acute poisoning’.

Norwegian energy powerhouse Equinor is among nine contenders seeking approval from the Danish Energy Agency to explore CO₂ storage opportunities in Denmark.

More than a quarter of a million electric cars (EVs) are now registered in this country - two years ago there were no more than 66,000 in Denmark.

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