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The Week That Was: 6th June-12th June

Politics Party leaders and other prominent politicians set out the themes for the coming election during Constitution Day speeches. Denmark had been very close to a June election, reported Berlingske Tidende, with a…


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The Week That Was: May 30th-June 5th

Politics The latest opinion poll showed the opposition with a comfortable 94-81 seat majority. Finance Minister Frederiksen announced a final agreement on the government’s 2020 spending plans, meaning that the state could now…


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7.59 – Danish News Today – The Week That Was, May 23rd – May 29th, 2011

Politics After six weeks of negotiations the government has finally been able to stitch together a majority for its 2020 plan, with the fragile support of independent MP Pia Christmas Møller. Speculation mounted…


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The Week That Was: May 15th-May 22nd.

Politics The government concluded a deal, Friday, that will tighten the eligibility requirements for early retirement and a state-funded pension. The government this week also finally reached its target of finding the DKK47bn…


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The Week That Was, May 9th – May15th 2011

Politics After nearly five months of constant political debate, the two government coalition parties, alongside the Danish People’s Party, Social Liberals, and one-seat Christian Democrats, finally thrashed out a retirement reform deal that,…


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The Week that Was, May 2nd – May 8th, 2011

Politics Danish politics was dominated this week by the start of the tough negotiations and political horse-trading around the government’s proposed 2020 economic plan. These negotiations will in all likelihood lay the basis…


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The Week That Was, April 23rd – May 1st – 2011

Politics The latest opinion polls indicate that the electorate has given the government’s ‘2020 Economic Plan’ the thumbs down and the opposition is heading for a comfortable victory in this year’s election. The…


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The Week That Was, April 11th – April 17th, 2011

Politics The government released its long-awaited 2020 plan of reform proposals aimed at raising the DKK47bn needed to bridge the projected budget deficit gap within 10 years, including plans to phase out early…


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7.59 Danish News Today – The Week That Was, April 4th – April 10th, 2011

Politics Two years after assuming office, Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen praised himself for skilfully guiding Denmark through an ‘economic Tsunami’. He vowed to fight for welfare reform, including making newly-arrived immigrants earn…


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7.59 Danish News Today – The Week That Was, March 28th – April 3rd 2011

Politics Political commentators speculated that the Prime Minister’s call for ‘speedy negotiations’ about the economy is a sign that he’s preparing to call a spring election. The Social Democrats intend to employ more…


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