The Week That Was, September 10th – 16th 2018

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 Integration Minister Inger Støjberg pleaded with colleagues to stop criticising her in public – the ruling Liberals’ policy spokeswoman, Britt Bager, citizenship spokesman, Jan E. Jørgensen, and housing spokesman, Martin Geertsen, have all distanced themselves from Ms Støjberg’s hard-line policy this summer.

A Conservative proposal to screen citizenship applicants who may harbour ‘anti-democratic’ views was dismissed as ‘thought control’ by the ruling Liberals.

A lawsuit against three leading politicians is to be heard by the High Court - Naser Khader (C), Martin Henriksen (DPP), and Marcus Knuth (Lib) are being sued for slander by Muslim author and activist Sherin Khankan, head of Denmark’s first women-led mosque, who claims they falsely accused her of publicly defending the extremist Hizb ut-Tahrir organisation and supporting sharia

The Defence Ministry was reprimanded by the Mediation and Complaints-Handling Institution for Responsible Business Conduct (MKI) for failing to safeguard against human rights violations and breaches of workers’ rights during the construction of a Danish warship in Poland.

Politicians on the right joined forces to condemn the New Conservatives for issuing ultimatums that could cost the ‘blue bloc’ victory at the next election.

The National Bank’s latest Outlook for the Danish Economy provided positive reading - the Danish economy is now experiencing one of the longest periods of continuous growth, the upswing has been healthier and more balanced than it was in the mid-2000s when the economy overheated, and although labour market pressures currently exist, they are not as strong as then – however, Governor General Lars Rohde warned that lenders are ill-equipped to deal with a new financial crisis and called for an increase in mortgage costs.

 EU/Foreign Affairs:

Defence Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen told parliament two Russian fighter jets were simulating a missile attack when they swooped close to a Danish warship that was carrying troops to Estonia in January.

Greenland chose Denmark as partner in a planned upgrade of two airports, a project that has caused a diplomatic row between Beijing and Washington - after a meeting with Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen in Nuuk on Monday, Kim Kielsen, head of Greenland’s home-rule administration, said he had agreed to let Denmark pay DKK 700m (€108m) for a 33 percent stake in Kalaallit Airports, a state-owned company set up to build, own and operate the airports in the capital Nuuk and the tourist hub in Ilulissat.

Russia’s Embassy in Copenhagen denounced teaching material produced by Denmark’s Institute for International Studies (DIIS) that instructs students how to identify Russian fake news and misinformation - in a play on words the embassy dismissed the material as ‘DIISinformation’ and yet another example of Russophobia.

Russia’s Natural Resources Minister Dmitry Kobylkin said the dispute between Russia and Denmark on their claim to the area surrounding the North Pole is no closer to a resolution

Denmark’s reputation as one of the least corrupt nations in the world is at risk after GRECO, the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body, issued a non compliance procedure drawing attention to the country’s failure to comply with a number of recommendations over the past four years - Speaker of the House Pia Kjærsgaard dismissed GRECO’s criticism of Denmark as ‘unfair’ and urged the agency to point its figure at other countries ‘where it’s more needed’.

Culture and Ecclesiastical Affairs Minister Mette Bock has been selected as the Liberal Alliance’s (LA) top candidate for a seat in the European parliament at next year’s EU election.

Social Affairs:

Minister for Immigration and Integration Inger Støjberg (V) warned that local authorities will be hit with stiff fines if they fail to abide by proposed legislation that would legally require 'new Danes' to shake hands when formally accepting citizenship.

No-one turned up outside Christiansborg, Wednesday, to accept French-Algerian businessman Rachid Nekkaz's offer to reimburse any person who’s been fined for wearing a face covering veil.

Despite Denmark’s proud reputation as one of the world’s happiest nations there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of young people using a suicide hot line - between 2013 and 2017 the Rights of the Child (Børns Vilkår) agency dealt with more than 10,000 calls from troubled teenagers

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Danske Bank CEO Thomas Borgen was informed in 2013 that the flow of money through the bank’s Estonian branch - mostly from ex-Soviet states and Russia - was ‘disproportionately high’ but ignored the warning. The Danish authorities are working on new legislation that will increase money laundering fines by about 800%.

The Danish Supreme Court affirmed fines given to four Uber drivers for operating illegally, paving the way for similar fines on a further 1,500 drivers.

The Vietnamese government urged Danish brewing giant Carlsberg to raise its 17 percent in local beermaker Habeco as it seeks to step up the privatisation of state assets.

2.9 million commuters passed through Copenhagen Airport in August, a 5.65% increase on the same period last year - the highest growth was recorded on long-haul, intercontinental routes, where there were 15.9 percent more passengers than in the same month last year.

In preparation for a hard, no-deal Brexit, pharma giant Novo Nordisk has increased its stocks of insulin products to ensure that there are 16 weeks’ worth of supplies for UK consumers.

Denmark’s biggest pension fund, PFA, purchased a retail property in central Madrid’s Gran Via 30 as part of its strategy to step up real estate investments abroad.

The British-Canadian Weston family, which owns a chain of stores in Canada and Europe, including the up-market British retailer Selfridges, has emerged as the front-runner to buy Copenhagen's prominent Magasin du Nord department store.

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