The Week That Was, November 29th – December 5th 2021:

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Coronavirus/ What happened last week:

Following a record-high of 5,120 corona cases Wednesday, Prime Minster Mette Frederiksen warned that the new corona variant, Omikron, could become an ‘infection bomb’ in Denmark this winter and urged people to get a 3rd ’booster’ vaccine as soon as possible.

The Danish Health Authority (DHA) recommended vaccinating youngsters after the European Medicines Agency, the EU's regulator for medicinal products, approved the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine for children aged 5-11.

The government donated a further 3.7 million vaccine doses to UNICEF’s COVAX scheme, bringing Denmark’s total donation to 10 million.


At the height of the mink crisis last year, then head of the National Serum Institute, Kåre Mølbak, was dismissed as ‘a gutless coward’ by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s closest advisor, Barbera Bertelsen, who was furious at Mr. Mølbak for failing to support the government’s decision to cull Denmark’s entire mink population.

The economy continued to grow in the 3rd quarter (Q3) but less than projected by Statistics Denmark - at the start of November the agency estimated 2% GDP growth for Q3 but the latest figures indicate no more than 0.9%.

6,300 jobless people found work in September as the unemployment rate dropped to the lowest since 2008 – only 87,900, or 3.1% of the workforce.

Morten Messerschmidt announced he’s officially running for party leader but at the same time stressed he will withdraw if former immigration minister Inger Støjberg joins the race.

The government’s allies proposed an aviation fuel tax in next year’s budget - the green think tank, Concito, calculated that a green duty on plane fuel would add DKK 555 ($90) to a return ticket to Paris and DKK 910 ($140) on a trip to Athens.

A parliamentary majority called for a review of Denmark’s controversial 3-year residency requirement for family reunification, so called ‘chain migration’.

Parliament passed legislation to end all Denmark’s gas and oil exploration in the North Sea by 2050, a move that will cost the Danish state an estimated DKK13bn ($2bn) in lost revenue

Foreign Affairs/EU:

Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod warned of ‘serious repercussions’ if Russia invades Ukraine - speaking on the sidelines of an EU foreign ministers meeting, Tuesday, Mr Kofod said NATO is prepared to ‘come down hard’ on any aggression.

Climate Minister Dan Jørgensen told EU colleagues who’ve claimed that the transition to more green energy sources is to blame for the current price hikes that even more focus on sustainable energy sources is the long-term solution.

Construction started on the German side of the world's longest road and rail tunnel that will connect Germany and Denmark - the €7 billion Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link project under the Baltic Sea is set to be completed by 2029 and will slash train journey times between Hamburg Copenhagen to under three hours.

Thor Wind Farm Ltd, a subsidiary of German energy giant RWE, won the tender to build Denmark's largest wind farm - RWE will pay the Danish state for the first years of the wind farm's production until it reaches a DKK 2.8bn ($426.48m) cap.

Copenhagen rose to 8th on the British Economist magazine’s annual list of the world’s most expensive cities and was ranked 4th in a new survey of the most difficult cities for foreigners to settle in.

Four alleged pirates captured by Danish forces in a gun battle last week are still detained on the Esbern Snare frigate, which continues to patrol the Gulf of Guinea.

Social Affairs:

The government’s list of marginalised, under-privileged social housing districts, previously defined as ‘ghettos’, was shortened to 12 in the annual December review – four 'parallel societies' have been taken off the list since last year but one has been added. Despite signs that conditions are improving in the immigrant-dominated Vollsmose social housing district in Odense,  nearly half of all residents are without work.

A parliamentary majority appropriated more than half a billion kroner to struggling rural districts and economically devastated towns.

A new survey revealed a significant disparity between the actual state of integration and how the public views integration.

Michael Dyrby, editor in chief of tabloid daily BT, took a leave of absence after being implicated in the TV2 sex scandal.


The National Bank called for increased restrictions on mortgage lenders as the housing market booms shows signs of slowing down.

Danish banks could have been acting illegally by charging customers negative interest rates, according to the Danish Consumer Ombudsman’s legal team.

Denmark’s biggest bank, Danske, voiced concern that the rapid rise in in inflation in the U.S. could spread to Denmark - inflation in the eurozone was 4.1 per cent in October and 4.1 per cent in Denmark, the highest for 10 years. A new report showed a record-high number of retailers expect prices to rise over the next three months, mainly due to increased energy costs.

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) continues to lose money at an alarming rate - the struggling airline reported a DKK4.8bn ($720m) loss for the latest financial year although it was a significant improvement on the previous year’s DKK6.8bn ($1bn), a record high.

Novo Nordisk forecast its sales growth would slow by about 3% in 2022 because of lower prices and a drop in insulin sales volumes in China.

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