Politicians question cocaine abuse response

Posted on 07. Jul, 2011 in: News

Politicians from all parties have called on Royal Danish Theatre management to take allegations of cocaine abuse amongst Royal Ballet dancers and leadership more seriously. After Managing Director Erik Jakobsen dismissed a confidential report (http://seven59.dk/cocaine-abuse-at-royal-ballet) charting the extensive use of cocaine at the theatre as ‘unfounded’ and ‘frivolous’, the ruling Liberal Party’s Culture Spokesman, Troels Christensen, said he was surprised at the ‘arrogant tone’. “I have full confidence in Mr Jacobsen but I don’t believe this is the correct way to deal with very serious allegations in a report that he himself commissioned ”, he said. His Red/Green Alliance counterpart, Per Clausen, claimed to be shocked by the fact that management has for so long remained ignorant of what is happening at the theatre. “I would expect nothing less than a full investigation to get to the bottom of these problems”. The Danish People’s Party’s (DPP) Karin Nødgaard, said she failed to understand how the findings of an internal report, which claims that 20 dancers are considering leaving the Royal Ballet troupe because of the extent of cocaine abuse, could be brushed aside so easily. Minister of Culture Per Stig Møller has declined to comment, claiming it’s an ‘internal staff issue’. http://www.b.dk/kultur/politikere-om-kokainsag-arrogant-holdning-fra-teaterledelse

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