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The Week That Was, October 3rd – October 9th 2016

Politics/Economy Parliament’s traditional opening debate, Thursday, lasted nearly 14 hours – in his concluding remarks, Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen noted that despite widespread agreement on the challenges facing Denmark, parties are divided…


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The Week That Was, September 26th – October 2nd 2016

Politics/Economy The New Conservatives, who now have the 20,000 verified voter signatures needed to be put on the ballot at the next general election, would win 4.3% of the vote if an election…


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The Week That Was, September 18th – September 25th 2016

Politics/Economy The Danish People’s Party (DPP) and Liberal Alliance (LA) continued to argue about tax relief for higher earners, making a centre-right deal on the government’s 2025 political and economic agenda unlikely –…


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The Week That Was, September 11th – September 18th 2016

Politics/Economy Danish People’s Party (DPP) leader Kristian Thulesen repeated his call for a centrist alliance between his own party, the Social Democrats, and the ruling Liberals, instead of the ‘artificial’ electoral blocs that…


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The Week That Was, September 4th – September 11th 2016

Politics/Economy The government gave the National Tax Authority (SKAT) the go ahead to purchase confident tax details about Danish citizens contained in the so-called ‘Panama Papers’. Tax minister, Karsten Lauritzen, said he’s willing…


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The Week That Was, August 29th –  September 3rd 2016

Politics/Economy The government published its much-anticipated 2025 economic stimulus plan, Tuesday, touching on all areas of the economy with moves to boost growth, create jobs and limit welfare entitlements. Prime Minister Lars Løkke…


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The Week That Was, August 22nd – 28th 2026

Politics/Economy A new poll indicated the centre-left opposition would win power if an election was held today, led by the Social Democrats who have gained 2.7 percentage points, the equivalent of five seats…


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The Week That Was, August 15th – 21st 2016

Politics/Economy Berlingske characterised upcoming cross-party political negotiations as the ‘most complex’ in modern times which could, according to the paper, lead to the demise of the government. Opposition leader Mette Frederiksen warned there’d…


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The Week That Was, August 8th – 14th 2016

Politics/Economy The Danish People’s Party will demand even stricter immigration restrictions as their price for supporting tax cuts in upcoming negotiations with the government – party leader Kristian Thulesen Dahl presented a 5-point…


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While you were away

It’s been a slow – very slow – summer for news in Denmark but for those of you who’ve been away here’s a summary of the main stories from the past three weeks….


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